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In a hospital, where should floor mats be placed?

In hospitals, floor mats aren’t used nearly enough. They look fantastic and make locations safer, cleaner, and more appealing. Here are some ideas about how to put them to use in hospitals.

1. Entrance. Mats should be placed here because it is the most obvious location. Choose mats that remove dirt off the bottoms of shoes and trap water, preventing water from being tracked around (or let us assist you to choose them). For this purpose, Premier Carpet Mats are a good choice. They are available in 48 different hues to match any design.

2. The Loading Dock the delivery people and workers that come in the back will not take off their work boots. As a result, use adequate matting to guard the back entry. To keep the back entrance secure and dry, choose WaterHog mats.

3. Information or Visitor Desk. A Graphic Impressions Logo Mat would look excellent here. Show them something nice underfoot while they’re standing around. We can duplicate any logo, motto, or whatever else you want using an endless color palette.

4. Access to the laboratory or intensive care unit. For this application, consider using Clean Room Sticky Mats, which will capture dust and dirt and help you keep ultra-clean areas cleaner. When the top layer becomes dirty, you simply peel it off and discard it, and a new one appears underneath.

5. The Kitchen. To pick from, we have all of the industry-standard kitchen mats. Grease-proof Kitchen Mat Tiles, for example, are made with anti-microbial technology and are grease-proof. Tiles have the advantage of being able to be configured into any shape.

Water trap mats can be utilized in risk areas across a hospital since they are easy to clean and suited for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

6. Laundry Room Mats can be used in a laundry room in a variety of ways. Rubber Drainage Mats are ideal for wet environments. Perhaps some rough and rugged anti-fatigue mats, such as UltraSoft Diamond Plate Mats with beveled edges that are suitable for both foot traffic and rolling carts, would be preferable if employees are standing all day.

7. Check-in areas for patients. Here’s another spot where folks might be loitering. The patients and their relatives are already jittery and uneasy. Why not place some Marble Top Anti-Fatigue mats there to make everyone feel more at ease? These environmentally friendly carpets contain 35% recycled content. These, like kitchen mats, offer antimicrobial properties.

Make sure you have enough mats to replace any that become filthy. Mats that require cleaning will require time to dry after they have been cleaned.

What’s Under Your Floor Mats?

The issue we frequently encounter is that when floor matting is ordered, it is frequently rolled out and placed in the designated entrance or reception area right away. The dried dust, grime, and flecks of grit that hide beneath the carpet can often function as little wheels, creating significant wandering if this spot has not been cleaned before the placement! To avoid entrance mats or rugs slipping on the carpet, we always recommend carefully cleaning them before placing them in place.

Slips, trips, and falls in the workplace can be reduced with the addition of a few strategically placed mats. Prevent dirt, water, and debris from being tracked through the halls to make your facility as safe as possible. Mats are inexpensive goods that make a significant difference in the safety, morale, and appearance of the workplace.

Do you have any further concerns? It’s simple to get in touch with us, and we’ll be pleased to assist you. If you need additional information or are unsure what you need, please contact us or

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